WWII Office of Strategic Services Maps

The Office of Strategic Services was formed in June 1942 in response to the entry of the United States into World War II. This was a time of codification of efforts around the collection of intelligence information in order to more effectively understand and respond to the events of the day. This effort brought together a number of experts, many from academia including a large number of cartographers. These cartographers created maps on demand that either stood alone or were part of reports. The maps were eventually distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program to libraries throughout the United States. The best estimate is that 5,753 unique maps were produced of which Stanford Libraries holds over 700.

Check out the new exhibit of maps by clicking below.


GIS Day 2018 is Here!

GIS Day 2018 is finally here.  I am sure most of us GIS types are going to show off our work this week.  Here are a few locations celebrating GIS Day this week:

Los Angeles County
City of Irvine
City of Riverside
UC Riverside
Ventura College
CSU Northridge
Palomar College

Also check out the GIS Day map for a location near you!


Mapping Student Debt

Over the past several years student loan debt has emerged as an issue for many.  Approximately 44 million Americans collectively owe a staggering total of more than $1.4 trillion in student debt.

Mapping Student Debt is a project that explores the geography of this debt burden and shows how borrowing for college affects the nation, your city, and even your neighborhood.  There are 3 zoomable maps, each with several layer options.  Check them out!