Map Lamps!

Do you like maps?  Do you like lamps?  If you said YES to both, then you must get a map lamp!  You know you want one!

4 out of 5 GIS Analysts think map lamps are cool.  Even Chuck Norris approves map lamps.


So go get yours today!  🙂


California Friday: Fireworks 2016!

Our next stop for California Friday is actually many locations.  July 4th will be here soon and that means Fireworks!  The fireworks app I have used for the past few years has been updated once again.  This year I added Riverside County.  If you love fireworks and want to find out where you can legally buy and shoot them off in SoCal, check out the app!

You can view cities in LA, Orange, Ventura, and Riverside County that allow the sale and discharge of fireworks.  Included are days and times when fireworks will be sold and when you can light them up, as well as links to city web sites and telephone numbers.  Data was collected from municipal codes, web sites, and/or contacting each city.  Enjoy!


For a list of 296 communities permitting state-approved fireworks in California, check out the California Fireworks Newswire website.

ESRI UC 2016 Q&A

Q: When will ArcGIS Pro support parcel editing?

A: ArcGIS Pro supports simple feature editing now and is adding topology support at 1.3. We expect full parcel support to be available next year.

Each year ESRI creates a set of questions and answers for the User Conference in San Diego.  This information is designed to help you understand the latest enhancements to ESRI technology, emerging trends for GIS for your industry, and the road ahead for ArcGIS software.  Check it out.

California GIS Council Looking for Vice Chair

If you are looking to get more involved with GIS in California, please consider running for the Vice-Chair position on the California GIS Council.  The Vice-Chair assists the Chair in leadership and administration of the Council, and will assume the role of the Chair at the expiration of the sitting Chair’s term.  The nomination period has been extended to June 22.