US Wildfire Activity Map

The US Wildfire Activity Public Information Map shows US wildfire locations, both active and recent, and other sources of information related to wildfires, including social media.  The map contains live feed sources for US wildfire reports (I-209), perimeters, MODIS hot spots, wildfire conditions / red flag warnings, wildfire potential and weather radar. Each of these layers provides insight into where a fire is located, its intensity and the surrounding areas susceptibility to wildfire.  Check it out!


Null Island

It is not much of a place to visit.  In the middle of a vast ocean with no land in sight with the only distinguishing feature being a lonely buoy.  Seems like a “non-place”, but you might be surprised to learn that your GIS has probably visited the place a few times, maybe quite a bit.  Add up all the operating GIS’s in the world and it may be the one of the most visited places on Earth … Null Island at 0,0.



A Request for Maps/Screen Shots

Every semester, I give my GIS students (generally planners and public administrators) a rundown of how GIS is being used in our communities. At the Esri conference this year, I saw many new applications and thought I’d ask my colleagues what they are doing now with GIS. If you could send me a map, picture, screen shot or something similar along with a sentence or two of what you are doing, I’d be delighted to have it. I will be happy to share when it is all compiled. You can reach me at The focus is on how we use GIS to solve problems.

By the way, for those of you who hadn’t heard, I have graduated from the City of Carson after 29 years. I’m thinking of becoming a cowboy or an astronaut, but I’ll keep teaching and want to stay in contact with all my GIS friends!

Many thanks!

Barry Waite
Instructor, USC Price School of Public Policy