Dead Man’s Island of San Pedro

There once was a tiny island at the entrance to the San Pedro harbor named Dead Man’s Island, which was named for the shallow graves dug into its flat top.¬† The small island¬†measured at least 800 feet long and 250 wide and rose 55 feet above the sea, separated from the San Pedro bluffs with almost a mile of open water between.

As part of a program of extensive harbor improvements, Continue reading

Creation of Digital Contours That Approach the Characteristics of Cartographic Contours

The capability to easily create digital contours using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software has existed for decades. Out-of-the-box raw contours are suitable for many scientific applications without pre- or post-processing; however, cartographic applications typically require additional improvements. For example, raw contours generally require smoothing before placement on a map. Continue reading

Fall Foliage Prediction Map 2016

What many people love most about the fall are the vibrant colors that mark the transition from summer to winter. Temperature, the amount of sunlight, and precipitation all affect how quickly the foliage will change from green to red, yellow, or orange. This interactive tool illustrates where autumn colors are peaking across the United States.

The map uses data from NOAA precipitation forecasts, daylight and temperature forecasts, historical precipitation data for this year, as well as other government and private data sources to visually indicate the foliage change between August and November, noting seven degrees of change. In addition to helping users plan a weekend getaway to enjoy fall’s many colors, the site offers some science trivia about what causes leaves to be certain colors and why leaves fall.¬† Check it out!