Indicators of Broadband Need Map

The Indicators of Broadband Need map was created by the United States Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).  The map uses several different data sources to show information on broadband availability within the United States.  Layers in this map were created using data sourced from the American Community Survey collected by the U.S. Census, Measurement Lab (M-Lab), Ookla, Microsoft and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Check it out!

Fireworks 2021!

July 4th is just a few days away, which means there will be fireworks again!

Use the app to view cities in LA, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino County that allow the sale and discharge of fireworks.  Included are days and times when fireworks will be sold and when you can light them up, as well as links to city websites and telephone numbers.  Data was collected from municipal codes, websites, and/or contacting each city.  Some cities allowed sales to start yesterday AND allow you to discharge them now as well!  Check it out and be safe!

New 2020 Global Land Cover Map

ESRI has released a new 2020 Global Land Cover Map Service in ArcGIS Online, part of their Living Atlas datasets.

The map was built using European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, and developed using a new machine learning workflow. The 2020 land surface data is at 10-meter resolution and includes categories such as water, trees, grass, flooded vegetation, crops, scrub/shrub, built area, bare ground, and snow/ice. There is also a cloud and no data category. Check it out!

ArcMap is Done

ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) version 10.8.1 is the last version for this GIS software that we have been using for many years. There will not be a 10.9 version. You are encouraged by ESRI to move on to ArcGIS Pro.

ArcMap 10.8.1 will be supported until March 1, 2026. Most of you probably knew this already, but just in case click here for more info.

GIS Job @ USGS Flagstaff AZ

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is excited to advertise a Physical Scientist position (Term) in their Flagstaff, AZ office at the GS-7 level. The successful candidate will join a group of geologists in the Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics (GMEG) Science Center focused on better understanding the geologic evolution of the Lower Colorado River and eastern Mojave Desert regions through geologic mapping. This is primarily a GIS position that will contribute to an ongoing nationwide effort to produce a seamless digital geologic map of the nation and will assist with bedrock geologic map compilations of the Lower Colorado River region. The main job duties include: 

  • Scanning, georeferencing, and digitizing geologic information currently captured on analog maps 
  • Compilation and synthesis of digital geologic map data 
  • Production and documentation of cartographic products, graphics, and databases for publication of geologic mapping 
  • Documentation of workflows and creation of FGDC-compliant metadata 
  • Establishment of procedures and methodologies to ensure compliance with a newly developed regional geologic map schema 

In addition to GIS skills, the ideal candidate will also be familiar with the concepts of bedrock geology and geologic mapping. Flagstaff is a moderate-sized mountain city in northern Arizona, situated at about 7,000 ft elevation known for its vibrant community and proximity to a range of outdoor recreational opportunities.  

Please review the posting on USAJOBS for the complete and most up to date details about the position and for information about how to apply:   

With regards to the application process:  

We highly encourage all candidates to carefully review the announcement to ensure they provide all required documents listed to ensure full consideration of their application package.  Those who do not provide the required documents or information in their application may not receive full consideration.  Candidates including transcripts to show proof of meeting qualifications through education need to ensure that their transcripts contain the information needed (as outlined in the qualifications section of the announcement) to fully credit their education toward meeting minimum qualifications for the position. The resumes of those who apply MUST include detailed information for current and past positions: job title, name of company/agency, month/yr to month/yr, (e.g., March 2012 – June 2013), number of hours worked per week, salary, supervisor’s name and # (can include statement, “can call/do not call/contact me before calling,”) and narrative (not bullet list) of duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Suggest a resume of at least two pages at the minimum with half a page devoted to each position.  (There is a template at to follow.)  Please follow instructions – that transcripts (unofficial is fine), SF-50s, PE License, etc., MUST be attached as required by the Vacancy Announcement.

More information about the associated GMEG geologic mapping projects can be found here:

Summer GIS Courses @ Rio Hondo

GIS Courses are scheduled online for this Summer at Rio Hondo College with several optional field exercises.  During this time, classes at Rio Hondo College are online for Summer 2021 and tentatively returning to on-campus and Hybrid Fall 2021.  We will have optional local field exercises during July to provide hands-on opportunity using drones for survey mapping workflow and processing.  For more information visit 

Introduction to GIS (GIS 120) 4 units CRN 50133 (Dates 06/07-08/13)

Applied Geographic Info Systems (GIS 130) 4 units CRN 52362 (Dates 06/21-08/13).  Note, if you have not attended GIS classes at Rio Hondo before, please contact for course waiver to register for the class (introduction to GIS is a prerequisite).