The Seeger Map Company Closing

The Seeger Map Company in Wisconsin will be closing the business by the end of 2020. The first Seeger maps were those drawn for motel guests on scraps of paper in the late 1960s. Eventually, the company would distribute 2 million maps a year, including AAA maps, and employ 27 people in their Racine, Wisconsin offices. Click below to read more about it.

You can still order maps and atlases from their website here.

ArcGIS Survey123 Enhancements

If you use Survey123 in your organization, a new update is now available. With this release, Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 web designer will help you create more powerful forms, including ranking questions, choice randomization, and choice filters. You will also be able to more easily create Survey123 report templates. Click below for more info.

A Study of Farmers’ Markets in Los Angeles

Here is a little light reading for you on Friday! “Network Analysis of Local Food in California: A Study of Farmers’ Markets in Los Angeles and Their Farm Supply Chains“, by Luke Drake, California State University, Northridge.

This study is from The California Geographer, a journal from the California Geographical Society. Check it out!

Interesting Voter Map

I found this one to be pretty interesting. It is an interactive map from Collin County, Texas. During early voting right now, voters can vote at any polling location. The GIS team there takes daily voter roster counts and displays a spider diagram for each voting center (when you click on one), showing you where voters are traveling from to each voting center. Statistics like voters by time of day and date are also displayed to the right. You can also change what voting days you want to look at. Pretty cool!