Native Land Interactive Map

If you are interested in the Indigenous histories of North America and beyond you may enjoy exploring Native Land, an ongoing interactive mapping project that attempts to outline ancestral Indigenous territories. Here, you will find a colorful map multi-layered with depictions of where different Indigenous peoples historically lived. You can browse the map itself or search for a particular postal code to see whose territories that location falls within, and clicking on a given territory shows the names of the native people(s) and cession treaties associated with that place with links to sources included. Check it out!

World Reef Map

Healthy coral reefs are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, leading some to call reefs the rainforests of the sea. Coral reefs are also threatened by ocean acidification caused by pollution, overfishing, and more. Check out this wonderful interactive atlas of coral reefs in remote locations around the world. You can explore the map by selecting a pin or using the menu to choose a location, then zoom into a specific island area within that location to view a colorful detailed map of its reefs different habitat areas, many of which are accompanied by underwater videos. This online map also includes GIS tools enabling you to measure and analyze specific reef habitats. These and other features are explained in the map’s useful help section. Check it out!


Fix Errors in ESRI Basemaps

Do you use ESRI’s basemaps?  Have you ever seen a problem in one, like an incorrect street name or place name?  Or maybe an issue with some imagery?  If so, ESRI has some web maps setup for you to “Edit” and markup for feedback of issues or errors.  The feedback is received by the ArcGIS Online team to evaluate for one of their updates.

Here are a few basemaps that you can add your feedback on:

Street Map Feedback

Topographic Map Feedback

Imagery Map Feedback

Vector Basemap Feedback

Use them to clean up any inconsistencies in your jurisdictions!