How Americans Do Their Taxes

Who does your taxes?  H&R Block?  TurboTax?  A CPA/Tax Professional?  Yourself?  Check out this web map by ESRI.  ESRI says it used data at the census tract and block group level. It looked at whether taxpayers used H&R Block, TurboTax, a certified public accountant or other tax professional, or did their taxes on their own. ESRI then credited that block to which ever method was used the most.  Click on a point and get the breakdown of tax methods.


Stuff in Space

Stuff in Space is a “real-time 3D map of objects in earth’s orbit”, including satellites and debris. This map uses data from, a website operated by the U.S. Department of Defense. On this map, different kinds of “stuff in space” are color-coded: red for satellites, blue for rocket bodies, and grey for debris. Visitors may also explore different groups of space objects, which include maps of all Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and their orbits and a map of the debris created by the 2009 collision of the satellites Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251.  Check it out!


Cities at Night

Astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) take hundreds of night-time pictures each year of cities around the globe. Cities at Night is a “citizen science project that aims to create a map, similar to Google maps, of the Earth at night using night-time color photographs taken by astronauts onboard the ISS.” Check out the photographs that have been geo-referenced to the Earth, or join in and help the project team geo-reference new photographs!


Useless FCC Broadband Map

In February the FCC released their new broadband map showing the availability of high-speed internet in the US.  Many of you might remember their previous map which turned out to be completely useless.  Well … this new one seems to be about the same, not matching the reality on the ground.  Click below to read more about the story.


A great example of how to lie with maps.  Hey!  There’s a book about that!  You should get it, it’s a great book.


ArcGIS Offline Data Collection Without a Named User

Use ArcGIS Server?  Want to edit data out in the field with disconnected editing capability but don’t want to be forced into the ArcGIS named user model just to use Collector? might have an answer for you!  They have built an offline-enabled ArcGIS data collection app which works with ArcGIS Server (no named user required), but can also work with Portal and ArcGIS Online!  Check it out.