2022 ASPRS Spring Tech Session

2022 Spring Technical Session Hosted by Pacific Southwest Region ASPRS. May 18, 2022 at 6pm in Concord, CA.

Please join colleagues, students and peers in the Remote Sensing profession for an evening of insightful presentations, thoughtful discussion and snacks!

Featured presentations include “Airborne Thermography for Bridge Decks”, “Statewide Ground Surface Subsidence: Precise Measurement via Remote Sensing Survey – 2015 through 2024”, and “Mapping Accuracy Assessment of UAS Platforms”.

Click here for more information and to RSVP.

ESRI at Autodesk University 2021

ESRI and Autodesk are working together to bring GIS and building information modeling (BIM) across multidisciplinary teams and project life cycles. GIS extends the value of BIM design data through visualization and analysis of structures in the context of the natural and built environment. GIS and BIM integrations enable designers and engineers to design smarter, more efficient buildings and infrastructure.

Attend virtually at Autodesk University this year to hear industry leaders discuss GIS integrations for Autodesk and learn how geospatial engineering drives better decision-making. Discover more about ESRI hosted classes and to schedule a meeting at the virtual booth. Click below for more info.

ESRI Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference

There will be an ESRI Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference in Palm Springs from October 25-28, 2021. This crossover event provides learning opportunities to users from infrastructure sectors, creating a richer, more valuable experience for organizations to move their location intelligence and GIS forward. Join professionals specializing in the management of infrastructure from several interconnected industries—water; electric and gas; district heating and cooling; pipeline; telecom; transportation; and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Requires proof of vaccination for all those attending this event, and masking is mandatory. More info and to register here.

Introducing the Regional Data Platform (RDP) for Southern California

Wednesday at 1:45pm PDT the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) will be hosting a special workshop showcasing the newly developed capabilities and features of the soon-to-be launched Regional Data Platform (RDP) pilot project. The RDP is SCAG’s biggest and most transformational initiative to date – providing a robust system for regional information sharing and collaboration to support more effective local and regional planning. During this hour-long session, SCAG and ESRI will demonstrate tools and applications for local planning that will be made available to all SCAG jurisdictions at launch, and showcase some features that will be piloted with a smaller group prior to rollout to the rest of the region.

You can access the session through the ESRI UC Web Agenda. You can find it on the UC web page > sessions: https://uc2021.esri.com/sessions and will be able to join using the “Join now” button which will appear the day-of.

If you are already logged into the ESRI UC, the direct link to the session is https://uc2021.esri.com/live-stream/19779010/Introducing-the-Regional-Data-Platform-RDP-for-Southern-California .