LAR-IAC Users Meeting Tomorrow

If your organization is part of the Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC), just a reminder there is a LARIAC5 update meeting tomorrow, September 11, 2018 at 9:30am to 12pm.  If you plan on attending, make sure to view the meeting webpage and register here: .

Also for your reference, here are some important LAR-IAC webpages you should bookmark:

Main LARIAC Page
LARIAC Products and Samples
LARIAC5 Documents and Downloads


NGAC Summer Meeting Held

The National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) held their summer meeting June 26-27, 2018 at the Department of the Interior, Washington, DC.  The NGAC is a Federal Advisory Committee (FACA) to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC).  The role of the NGAC is to provide advice and recommendations related to the national geospatial program and the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.  A summary of the meeting can be found here.