ESRI Acquires ClearTerra Location Data Extraction Technology

ESRI has announced it has acquired technology from ClearTerra, a creator of geospatial and activity-based intelligence tools. This acquisition will provide the ArcGIS platform users the ability to easily discover and extract geographic coordinates from unstructured textual data like emails, briefings and reports, instantly generating intelligent map-based information.


This capability will make mapping this information easier across many industries. Defence, intelligence, and public safety organizations tend to have massive volumes of unstructured data, as do other fields such as petroleum, utilities, and maritime, where locating information on the earth is not as easy as searching for a street address. ESRI’s acquisition of ClearTerra technology brings workflow-enhancing software technologies into the ArcGIS platform.

ClearTerra LocateXT technology allows analysts to rapidly scan through documents without having to spend hours reading, copying, pasting and running spreadsheet formulas, placing the results instantly into geospatial features. Additionally, ClearTerra FindFZ technology provides enhanced search capabilities for the ArcGIS platform, incorporating the powerful techniques found in internet search engines.

ClearTerra has been an active member of the ESRI partner program, providing their software to ArcGIS users via desktop, server and the cloud. Support and maintenance for the software will continue via ESRI with no interruption of service and is readily available for licensing.

Waldo Tobler

Waldo R. Tobler, professor emeritus of Geography, famed cartographer and founder of the first law of geography, passed away on February 20, 2018 at the age of eighty-eight.  Some of you might remember Waldo Tobler.  I remember his work while studying Geography and GIS in college many years ago.

Waldo Tobler trained as a mathematical cartographer, and is best known for his contributions to that field.  He coined the term “analytical cartography” to reflect the combination of mapping and analysis.  He was also responsible for the statement known as Tobler’s First Law of Geography, “all things are related but nearby things are more related than distant things”, a somewhat offhand comment in an early paper that has proven to be enormously important in the development of geographic information science.

Click here and here for more information about Waldo Tobler.

New California Mapping

Bella Terra Publishing.  California, Hawaii lighthouses: illustrated map & guide, includes Lake Havasu & Lake Tahoe.  1 map, scale 1:1,550,000.  Rhinebeck, NY: Bella Terra Publishing, pub. 2016.  ISBN: 9781888216400

Benchmark Maps (Firm).  California road & recreation atlas.  1 atlas (141 pages), scales differ.  Santa Barbara, Calif.: Benchmark Maps, pub, 2017.  ISBN: 9780929591490

Carapella, Aaron.  Tribal nations of California.  1 map, scale not given.  Warner, Okla.: Tribal Nations Maps, pub. 2017.

Farkov, Emanouil.  That’s amazing!: Huell Howser visits California’s landmarks.  1 map, scale not given.  Los Angeles: Automobile Club of Southern California, pub. 2016.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management, El Centro Field Office.  BLM routes of travel for eastern Imperial County, California.  1 map, scale ca. 1:125,000.  El Centro, Calif.: U.S. Bureau of Land Management, pub. 2017.

U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region.  Six Rivers National Forest, California.  1 map, scale ca. 1:126,720.  [Vallejo, Calif.]: U.S. Forest Service, minor revision 2017.  ISBN: 9781628114256

U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region.  Stanislaus National Forest, California.  1 map, scale 1:126,720.  [Vallejo, Calif.]: U.S. Forest Service, pub. 2017.  ISBN: 9781628114126

U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region.   Trinity Alps Wilderness, Shasta-Trinity, Klamath & Six Rivers National Forests, California.  1 map, scale 1:63,360.  Vallejo, Calif.: U.S. Forest Service, minor revision 2017.  ISBN: 9781628114232

Wine Road (Association).  Wine road, northern Sonoma County.  1 map, scale approximately 1:140,000.  Healdsburg, Calif.: Wine Road Northern Sonoma County, 2017.

2018 SCAG Student Poster/Story Map Challenge

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) has a major opportunity for college and university students in the region. On May 3, SCAG’s annual Regional Conference & General Assembly will feature a special Student Showcase session featuring sustainability planning posters and GIS Story Maps selected through a competitive application process. This will be an opportunity for students to share their work with more than 1,000 elected officials, planners, and regional leaders.

Students whose projects are chosen will be designated as SCAG Conference Fellows, receiving complimentary event registration, hotel accommodation and admission to an exclusive “Future Leaders in Regional Planning” professional development seminar during the conference.

One project from each category will also be designated as the “best in show” by a panel of judges and receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Abstracts are due April 10 and final projects are due April 24.  For more info on the guidelines and submissions, click below.