ArcGIS Online Update

On September 29, from 5pm to midnight (PDT), ESRI plans to update ArcGIS Online. The update includes streamlined item sharing with groups, configurable tabs in the navigation bar, more reports for admins, and improvements in ArcGIS Configurable Apps.

Configurable tabs in the navigation bar
Administrators will be able to configure which tabs appear in their organization’s navigation bar for both members and visitors. Hiding unused tabs will help simplify the user experience.
Additional reports for administrators
Asynchronous reporting continues to expand in ArcGIS Online giving administrators more ways to monitor and assess activity.

  • Credit report showing the transaction type and number of credits used by each member in a predefined time period.
  • Activity report showing changes made to the organization (i.e. home page edits), members (i.e. added, updated profile, last login), groups (i.e. adding members, new content), and content (i.e. updated, deleted, or modified sharing settings). This is an improved version of the existing activity log that can be generated as a week or month report. 
Streamlined item sharing with groups
Group owners and managers will be able to batch add items to a group.
ArcGIS Configurable Apps improvements
ArcGIS Configurable Apps with express setup (Media Map, Minimalist, Interactive Legend, Zone Lookup, Nearby, and Attachment Viewer) continue expanding to make sharing your maps quick, easy, and insightful. Planned improvements include Support for Google Analytics. Screenshot widget that allows you to capture the entire app including the pop-up and legend.


ESRI IMGIS Conference

The ESRI Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference will be held virtually October 27-30, 2020. The conference will welcome GIS leaders, managers, and professionals across critical infrastructure industries including electric, gas and pipeline, water, telecom, transportation, and architecture/engineering/construction (AEC).

The conference is complimentary for all ESRI users who are current on their maintenance or subscription. For more info and to register, click below!

The First Published View of Los Angeles

In March 1853, Congress appropriated $150,000 to survey proposed routes for a transcontinental railroad. The United States Army’s Corps of Topographical Engineers embarked on the work. There were five surveys conducted. One went from St. Paul, Minnesota to Puget Sound, where Seattle was later founded. Another traveled from St. Louis to San Francisco. A third started in what became Oklahoma and headed for San Pedro south of Los Angeles. Then, there was a route from Texas to San Diego. Finally, there was a survey that traveled the Pacific coast from San Diego to Puget Sound.

Between 1856 and 1861, eleven large volumes of published reports from the surveys were issued by the federal government. They included Continue reading