Match Symbols to a Style in ArcMap

Here is an interesting article about using a drawing option in ArcMap called Match To Symbols.  By naming a feature attribute with the same symbol name that is in a style, you can quickly symbolize them for feature categories.  Click below to read.


This is just like when us old school GIS types used a field to store a symbol number to symbolize our points, lines, and polygons!

GIS Internship

Central Basin Municipal Water District has a paid GIS Internship opening in their Engineering & Operations Department.  Salary range is $15/hr, not to exceed 960 hours of work.  The position reports to the Engineering & Operations Manager.

General Definition

Under direction of the Engineering and Operations Manager, the GIS Intern assists in the maintenance and development of the Continue reading

Local GIS Jobs This Week

Assistant Planner – City of Signal Hill

ArcGIS .NET Developer – San Diego area

GIS Librarian – UC San Diego

GIS Researcher/Analyst – Simi Valley area

GIS Specialist – San Bernardino area

ArcObjects Developer – Los Angeles area

Network Analyst – Monterey Park area

Director Intl Real Estate and Development – Anaheim area

Conflation Product Engineer – ESRI, Redlands

GIS Support Analyst – ESRI, Redlands

GIS Product Engineer – ESRI, Redlands

GIS Data Integrity Technical Specialist – Pomona area

RCIT-GIS and Demographics Internship – Riverside County

GIS Specialist/Analyst – San Bernardino area

GIS Technician – Pomona area

GIS Project Specialist – Los Angeles area

GIS Specialist Position

Insignia Environmental is looking to fill an immediate opening in their downtown Palo Alto, San Francisco, or Encinitas office for a full-time GIS Specialist.

The GIS Specialist is responsible for obtaining, organizing, and mapping GIS data, identifying efficient methods for and implementing data analysis, and ensuring consistency, accuracy, and quality in all GIS work. Keeps apprised of latest software updates and GIS analysis techniques. Supports all staff in preparing deliverables.

For more info and to apply, click here.

ArcGIS User Seminar

ESRI will be holding ArcGIS User Seminars where you will learn how to be more effective with ArcGIS and get a close look at what’s new in version 10.5.  You’ll return to the office with practical tips and skills to use right away, including:

  • Collect authoritative data faster
  • Use and pair ArcGIS apps
  • Communicate with spatial analysis
  • Develop and share insights from your data
  • Improve collaboration

Register today to save your seat for the ArcGIS User Seminar.

Street Trees Interactive Map

If you are a tree lover or interested in urban spaces, you will want to check out Jill Hubley’s interactive map of New York City Street Trees by Species. You can choose to zoom in on a particular neighborhood (or even block) to learn about the particular tree species in that area. Alternatively, you may conduct a search for a particular species to see where that species is distributed across the city.