Disney Map Up For Auction

Have some extra cash?  Maybe you would be interested in placing a bid for this original map of Disneyland, co-created by Walt Disney himself when the park was still in the inception phase.  The map helped Walt and his brother Roy sell the park idea and make it a reality in Anaheim.  For more info of the story and where the auction will be held, click below … and good luck!


And if you don’t have that kind of cash, maybe you would settle for this book instead?  It’s a good one.


The book opens up from the middle, which is cool.  For a look inside, check out this video.

The True Size Of…

For the past several centuries, cartographers have tried to find different ways to portray the globe on a two-dimensional map. Many of these attempts, including the Mercator projection, distort the true size of different countries and regions. As a result, many of us have false perceptions about the proportional size of different geographical areas.

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More Field Calculator Fun

Back in December 2013 I posted about using the field calculator in ArcMap to calc a field to the third word from another field.  Since then, the comments section has been pretty active with questions and answers.  I thought it would be a great time to expand on that with other nifty field calculator tricks that I have used over the years.

Split Up Data

This one I use a lot.  I have a field that contains parcel number data.  In LA County, parcel numbers are 10 digit numbers that represent the assessor book (first 4 numbers), page (next 3 numbers), and lot number (last 3 numbers).  I want to split them out into their own fields.  Here is how I do it.

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Persuasive Cartography

Looking for unusual maps?  Check out this website that makes available to the public a collection of more than 800 examples of persuasive cartography, maps intended primarily to influence opinions or beliefs – to send a message – rather than to communicate geographic information.  You can search for maps by subject and there are also links to download the high resolution image of each map.