About socalgovgis - Michael Carson

Michael Carson, GIS Manager for the City of Burbank and President of Southern California Government GIS User Group

High Fire-Threat District Map

With the recent high winds and SCE turning off power so their high power lines don’t spark a fire, you wonder how we got here?  Well, it started back in October 2007 when wildfires driven by strong Santa Ana winds burned hundreds of square miles in Southern California.  Some of the worst wildfires were reportedly ignited by overhead utility power lines.  Continue reading

The Kingdom of California

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History will exhibit “The Kingdom of California: Mapping the Pacific Coast in the Age of Exploration” through January 2nd.  The exhibition displays 17th to 19th century maps and books, including maps showing California as an island as well as 19th century coastal charts.  Entry to the exhibit is free with paid museum admission.  Check it out!


A Map of Every Building In America

This one is interesting!  The New York Times has created a page with an interactive map showing every building in the US.  How did they do this?  They used data from a huge database that Microsoft released to the public this year.  Microsoft’s computer engineers trained a neural network to analyze satellite imagery and extract out shapes of 125,192,184 buildings across the country.  Click below and read on!


Citizens Favor a More Digital Government

In a recent survey of citizens across the world it was found 86% view digital delivery of public services “as equally or more important” than traditional methods of public service delivery.  And most are willing to provide personal or potentially sensitive data to improve the personalization of services.  For example, 73% of citizens polled would provide biometric data such as fingerprints, retinal scans, or voice identification to government in exchange for more personalized service.  Of course Americans were about 10 percent less likely than their global counterparts to share personal information to improve government service delivery … I don’t blame them!  Click below to read more.