Local GIS Jobs This Week

GIS Specialist – Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Chino

Solution Architect – ESRI, Redlands

Solution Engineer Geodesign – ESRI, Redlands

GIS Applications Developer – City of Oxnard

GIS Internship – CHC Consulting, Carlsbad

Technical Specialist/Scientist 1 – Volt, Rosemead

GIS Technician – APR Consulting, Rosemead

GIS Technician – Parsons, Los Angeles

GIS Analyst – Riverside County

IT Business Sys Analyst III-GIS – Riverside County

GIS Manager (Lead) – Mobilitie, Costa Mesa

Geocoding Analyst – ESRI, Redlands


How Big is Los Angeles?

A common, frequent complaint about Los Angeles is that it’s so big and so sprawly and it feels like it goes on forever. Is it really? Let’s get a better grasp of LA’s relative size, care of self-storage-focused site Spare Foot, which superimpose LA’s city limits over the borders of other major cities (and even a few landmarks). The pairings also show how LA compares to other metropolises in terms of land area, population, and density per square mile.  Check it out.


Updating ArcGIS Server License and PostgreSQL

Our ArcGIS Server licenses were going to expire soon, so I went ahead and updated them with new license files.  All was well … for a while.

A week later one of our ArcGIS Server installations started having issues with the map services.  Basically the map services, though running, stopped displaying the features that were in them.  Looking into the error logs, we found stuff like this:

The Layer:’Parcel’ in Map:’Layers’ is invalid. The base table definition string “bur.ags.parcels” is invalid. No ArcGIS server license found. Contact your geodatabase administrator to update license

What?  I updated the ArcGIS Server license!  What is going on?  Reading the error messages again, the part about “the base table definition string is invalid” reminded me about when I setup the Enterprise Geodatabase.

For this particular ArcGIS Server installation, I decided to setup the Enterprise Geodatabase inside PostgreSQL, store GIS data in it, and use the data for the map services.  When I was setting it up I used the Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool.  One of the parameters for the tool required me to provide a path to the keycodes file that was created when I authorized ArcGIS Server.  I wonder if it is PostgreSQL?

Using ArcCatalog I tried to connect to the Enterprise Geodatabase in PostgreSQL, and here is what I got:


Aha!  I guess PostgreSQL does not automatically get updated when I update the ArcGIS Server license.  I am running ArcGIS Server 10.2, so the keycodes file (named keycodes) is located under C:\Program Files\ESRI\License10.2\sysgen.  After entering that and pressing OK, I had access to the Enterprise Geodatabase again.  I then restarted the map services that access the Enterprise Geodatabase and all was well again!

Surprisingly my other ArcGIS Server installation’s map services were working fine.  However, they access an Enterprise Geodatabase in Oracle.  I guess Oracle was updated automatically when I updated the ArcGIS Server license file?  I don’t know, but if something similar happens, I will check the Enterprise Geodatabase first!

If you use ArcGIS Server with PostgreSQL, this little fix should help you if you encounter similar problems.  -mike

Local GIS Jobs This Week

GIS Specialist – Agoura Hills area

GIS Applications Programmer – Los Angeles area

GeoEnrichment Product Engineer – ESRI, Redlands

Graphic Artist – UC Santa Barbara

GIS Team Lead – Los Angeles area

Technical Advisor – ESRI, Redlands

Geography Instructor – Antelope Valley College, Lancaster

Service Planning Analyst (GIS/ITS) – Long Beach Transit

Database Engineer II – Val Verde Unified School District, Perris

Airphoto Operations Manager – UC Santa Barbara

Transportation Project Analyst (SAP/GIS) – Los Angeles area

Software Developer – Monrovia area

Real Estate Analyst – Irvine area