The Phantom Atlas

Looking for a gift for someone who loves maps?  Take a look at The Phantom Atlas.  Long before satellites and Google, cartographers traced out maps of the world, some with errors that persisted for hundreds of years.  The Phantom Atlas compiles the greatest “myths, lies and blunders” on maps, from honest mistakes to deliberate lies.  Check out this interview with the author:

Hardcover and Kindle versions available on Amazon:


Radio Garden

Radio Garden is an interactive globe that allows visitors to listen to over 8,000 live radio stations from around the world.  When you visit the site, radio stations are loaded and then you will be directed to the radio station closest to your current location.  From there, you can explore other stations around the globe.  Cities with multiple participating stations will have a list appear on the right side of the browser, allowing you to choose which station to listen to.  By selecting the History tab or the Jingles tab, you can explore historic radio broadcasts and station jingles from across time and space.  Check it out!