The Ultimate Christmas Gift

OK, this might not be the ultimate Christmas gift for some, however if your loved one loves maps and globes … and LEGOs, then this is the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!

You need to get them a LEGO Globe kit!  Even the stand for the globe is made of LEGOs!  It’s a piece of art for display and geography purposes!  There is no excuse!  And you can get the globe in different color schemes.  It’s not cheap, expect to spend over $800 … your loved one is worth it!  Check it out.  Only 19 shopping days left before Christmas! 😮


Mapping Indigenous LA

The Mapping Indigenous Los Angeles project from the University of California Los Angeles is creating a series of story maps that bring together a variety of stakeholders to help highlight “multiple layers” of diversity and identity.  At the heart of the site are the story maps themselves, which unfold to reveal the complex history of place and the Indigenous peoples who have helped shape and been shaped by them.  The story maps vary in length and depth, but all feature a variety of text, photos, podcasts, and other materials that help viewers immerse themselves in the subject matter and deepen their understanding.  Check it out!


GIS Day Next Week

GIS Day 2019 is almost upon us.  If you have an event and want to get the word out, send an announcement request through the About page and I will get it posted right away.

Here is one for the City of Irvine.  They are celebrating GIS Day on November 14.

The big one at LA County will happen on November 13.

GIS Day will be celebrated at a number of colleges like: Pierce College, CSUN, and USC.

Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative (CIRGIS) will have GIS Day on December 6 at Ventura College.  The keynote speaker will be Michael Goodchild.

Also make sure to register your event on the GIS Day website.


98 Map Projections

If you work with GIS in a local government, you usually do not get to try out some of those more interesting map projections.  If you deal with world data, then you might get to use them.  Like this one, the Rectified Skew Orthomorphic:


With ArcGIS 10.7.1 and ArcGIS Pro 2.4, you have access to 68 unique map projection algorithms and another 30 variations, 98 in total!  Check out this story map showing a gallery of the 68 supported map projections, from Aitoff to Winkel Tripel.