Finding Government Publications

The US government is one of the world’s largest publishers, both in paper and on the web.  More than 200 years ago Congress authorized the sending of free copies of certain government publications to libraries around the country.  This developed into the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), with more than 1,100 public, academic, and government libraries as members.  Each of these libraries receives government materials for free, and is required to make them available to the public.

The Federal Depository Library Program is run by the Government Printing Office (GPO), which recently changed it’s name to Government Publishing Office in order to indicate it is now more involved with electronic data rather than paper.

If you are looking for government publications and other federal information, give these online sources a try:  Continue reading

California GIS Jobs This Week

GIS Analyst/Developer – San Francisco area

GIS Analyst – Edwards AFB

Geospatial Engineer – San Francisco area

Supervisor GIS Analytics – San Francisco area

GIS Technician – Fort Irwin

GIS Technician – San Jose area

Crime Analyst – Daly City

Analyst – Fremont area

GIS Analyst – Calabasas area

ESRI ArcGIS Developer – San Diego area

GIS Applications Developer – Los Angeles area

GIS Specialist – City of Healdsburg

Map Layout Production Engineer – ESRI, Redlands


Spider Diagrams

Recently I had a need to generate a spider diagram for my map.  Spider diagrams, also called desire lines for business scenarios, are a series of rays drawn from a central point to related points.  The result shows you the actual area of influence for each central point.


Some good examples would be store locations and customers that visit them, library locations and patrons’ home locations, or in my case fire station locations and incidents they responded to.  Continue reading