The Living Atlas of the World

ESRI’s ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World can be described as an evolving collection of authoritative, curated, read-to-use global geographic information curated by ESRI and the GIS user community.  It includes imagery, basemaps, demographics and lifestyle, landscape, boundaries and places, transportation, earth observations, urban systems, oceans, and historical maps, all of which can be combined with your own data.

Most can be used without signing in, but you will need an ArcGIS Online account for the more interesting ones.  Here are a few I found that were interesting.  Continue reading

Mapping Indigenous LA

The Mapping Indigenous Los Angeles project from the University of California Los Angeles is creating a series of story maps that bring together a variety of stakeholders to help highlight “multiple layers” of diversity and identity.  At the heart of the site are the story maps themselves, which unfold to reveal the complex history of place and the Indigenous peoples who have helped shape and been shaped by them.  The story maps vary in length and depth, but all feature a variety of text, photos, podcasts, and other materials that help viewers immerse themselves in the subject matter and deepen their understanding.  Check it out!