Community Mobility Reports

Check out Google’s Community Mobility Reports that provide insights into how people’s movements in countries around the world were altered during the lock down period of COVID-19.  Also you can see mobility change since countries have eased movement restrictions.

The reports use aggregated anonymized data from mobile phones to chart trends in movement over time.  They show how visits to different venues (like retail, groceries, parks, transit stations, etc.) have been effected by government lock downs.  Check it out!


An overview and how to understand the data can be found here.

2020 ESRI UC All Done

Well, the 2020 ESRI UC has come and gone … actually there are a few more online events and special interest group meetings today.  My impression of this online conference?  Let’s just say parts were informative.  However, I bet it was a monumental task to pull it all together.

The plenary and workshop videos are still online when you login to .  Not sure how long they will stay up.  I did notice they have some recorded content on YouTube here and also on the ESRI video site here.

Add a comment below about your impressions of the conference.  Let’s hope we are back in San Diego next year!

SCAG/ESRI Special Interest Group Meeting Today

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder of the SCAG/ESRI Special Interest Group meeting, Thursday July 16th from 1 pm to 3 pm.  It is a free event and open to all government agencies.  It will introduce you to an exciting new initiative: the SCAG Regional Data Platform (RDP).  Your involvement in this project is essential to shaping the future of planning and sustainable development in the SCAG region, locally and regionally. To kick-start a meaningful collaboration, we would like to gather local jurisdictions to introduce the project and what it means to you, showcase initial ideas, ask for feedback, and explain what’s coming in the next year. This meeting will also highlight progress on a number of other SCAG initiatives, such as the SoCal Greenprint, and High Injury Network (HIN).

*Please note that this Special Interest Group Meeting is a private event, and is therefore not listed in the official EsriUser Conference schedule

We hope you will join us for this special event!

Join us via Zoom

Please RSVP to the SCAG Special Interest Group Meeting

The RDP Core Team, Tom Vo at or Javier Aguilar at can answers any questions and provide further information on this event.

Best Regards,

SCAG RDP Core Team

Virtual URISA GIS Leadership Academy

URISA just announced their Inaugural Virtual GIS Leadership Academy, to be held August 3-7, limited to 30 individuals.

The curriculum emphasizes best practices and skills-based training taught by GIS experts committed to preparing others for leadership in managing challenges and figuring ways to help groups and organizations achieve their goals.  The cost to attend will be $600 for URISA members and $800 for non-members.

For more info and to register, click here.

US Flood Risk Map

A new online flood risk map has been released by the nonprofit organization First Street Foundation.  The online tool can tell you the current flood risk for your home and possible future risks.

The flood model used by Flood Factor is based on models of flood risk from rainfall, overflowing rivers high tides, and coastal storm surge.  It takes into account such as factors as flooding history, elevation and proximity to water.  To predict future risk of flooding other factors are also taken into account, such as different climate models and predicted sea level rise and predicted future precipitation patterns in the local area.  Check it out!


NOAA Height Modernization Program

Last year I wrote about how our datums are changing.  NOAA is working on recalibrating the nation’s elevation data as part of its update to the National Spatial Reference System, expected in 2022/23.  The height modernization program corrects local elevation data which has not been updated since 1988.  GPS and gravity mapping are being used to update elevation.  Continue reading


GIS professionals are invited to take URISA on a test drive for the ‘better’ half of 2020.

Because membership dues are pro-rated according to the date of purchase, you can join now through June 30 at half-price and take advantage of member benefits for the rest of the year.

Consider individual or organization membership:

Take advantage of free and discounted education and training; professional development opportunities; and a welcoming community.

Check it out today: