CGIA Needs Leaders

CGIA has openings for its Board of Directors and for the Board Officer – Vice Chair position. These are important roles and leadership opportunities for the California GIS community of practice. They are two-year positions and the term of service will begin in July 2022. Self nominations are welcome. Nominations are due no later than close of business May 20, 2022.

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2022 ASPRS Spring Tech Session

2022 Spring Technical Session Hosted by Pacific Southwest Region ASPRS. May 18, 2022 at 6pm in Concord, CA.

Please join colleagues, students and peers in the Remote Sensing profession for an evening of insightful presentations, thoughtful discussion and snacks!

Featured presentations include “Airborne Thermography for Bridge Decks”, “Statewide Ground Surface Subsidence: Precise Measurement via Remote Sensing Survey – 2015 through 2024”, and “Mapping Accuracy Assessment of UAS Platforms”.

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New Stuff in ArcGIS Earth

Here are some new enhancements to ArcGIS Earth:

  • The new on-screen navigation controller offers a more flexible navigation of the globe by adding zoom functionality, viewport navigation, vantage point, and orientation control into a sleek and user-friendly on-screen component. It’s also great for navigating on laptops without a mouse!
  • Vector tile layers have been a highly requested and long-awaited addition to ArcGIS Earth—now you can add vector tile layers to the My Data or Startup layer folders or set them as the basemap, depending on the data and what suits your workflow. 
  • With the new 3D labeling capability in ArcGIS Earth, you can customize the style and visualization of 3D labels on the fly and set the label position and style in a 3D global view.

Click below to read the latest on new features and functionality including KML, multi-selection and batch editing, and attribute tables.

California’s Wild Spaces

Love maps and want to save California’s wild spaces? This site is for you!

California is making plans to protect 30% of its lands and coastal waters by 2030 (called 30×30). And with it is a new mapping tool to support their “30×30″ goal.

The CA Nature website allows you to explore the landscape and consider which areas you might want to see protected in the future. The site’s “conserved areas explorer” shows the 24.1 million acres that are already conserved, many of them as parks, forests, and preserves. Other interactive maps show which lands and waters offer the greatest biodiversity, and how rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns are expected to alter the state’s landscapes. Check it out!

Taxes Due Today?

Usually April 15th is when our taxes are due, but not this year. Due to a holiday in Washington DC today, Emancipation Day, our taxes will be due on Monday the 18th.

Which brings up a question, which states pay the highest tax rates? Check out the map below:

Unfortunately California is the highest … probably not a good idea to retire in California! Note that Tennessee has joined seven other states that do not levy any individual income tax. Also note there are 10 states that have flat income tax. Click here for more info.

And one more thing. If you are in the CalPERS system for retirement, and you retire in another state, you can elect to have no California tax taken out of your retirement check!

If you are planning on retiring, check out this tool that you can use to compare states that have taxes on retirees.

GIS Under the Dome 2022 Q1

From the California GIS Council:

The latest edition of GIS Under the Dome (2022 Q1) is now available at this link:

Don’t forget to sign up for our quarterly GIS Policy Briefing on Friday, April 8 @ 12pm PST here:–srzwsHNAQUwEQO24tV9DcSsf2jUl_

Any questions? Reach out to Jacob Mark at

Permanent Daylight Savings Time

Well, they did it. The US Senate passed a bill this week to make DST permanent by November 2023, except for states that do not observe DST … good for you Arizona and Hawaii!

The bill now has to pass in the House. If it does, enjoy the darkness in the winter months if you live near the western portion of your time zone! Here is a nice quote:

“Not many people have experienced daylight saving time during the winter, except for some during an experiment — which failed.”

Click the map below to read all about it. Check out the nice maps too!

Thanks goes to Bonnie at Manhattan Beach for finding this article!

ArcGIS Online Organization Home Page

If you have an ArcGIS Online for Organizations account, ESRI will be pushing out an update that will change your home page. If you do not switch to the new home page or request an extension (good to September 2022), your old (legacy) home page will be automatically replaced with a default home page at the next ArcGIS Online update, planned for March 22, 2022. To ensure that your home page looks and performs as desired, transition to the new home page before the legacy home page is automatically replaced. Organizations that do not use the ArcGIS Online home page as a landing page will be automatically transitioned to the default home page. No further action is required.

For more information and how to change your home page with the new editor, click below.