The Huntington Fellowship

The Huntington is pleased to announce an addition to its fellowship program that may hold particular interest for members of this group. This fellowship is unusual among the Huntington’s offerings in having no specific degree requirements. To apply, please go to; for further details, contact Natalie Serrano at

The Huntington Fellowship in the Materiality of Print Culture
This newly created fellowship in the materiality of print culture provides one month of support for research in any aspect of printing history, book production, or illustration technologies including photography. Applications are welcomed from those inside and outside the academy, but are especially encouraged from librarians, curators, conservators, and advanced practitioners of any of the allied arts of printing, printmaking, photography, graphic design, or book production. Applicants must have a focused research project that centers on some material aspect of print culture and must demonstrate how research in The Huntington’s Library collections is critical to its development.

Expanding 3DEP Coverage

Five years after the United States Geological Survey launched its 3D Elevation Program, it has delivered the first ever national baseline of consistent high-resolution elevation data. As the program matures and works toward its goal of covering 100 percent of the U.S. and its territories, it faces challenges and opportunities in the West.  Click below to read the article.