CA GIS Council Education Workgroup Survey

The Education Workgroup of the California GIS Council is interested in gaining an understanding of how we can benefit the larger GIS Council and provide a bridge between the professional GIS community and the education community. Specifically, we are looking to 1) obtain input from current GIS professionals to inform specific aspects of curriculum development in the geospatial science fields, and 2) develop better connections between professional opportunities and students, faculty, and researchers.

Please consider participating in this short SURVEY (5-10 minutes). Your responses will not be visible to council members outside of the Education Workgroup, but we will compile them and share anonymous summaries at a later date. Your responses will be saved automatically, so you can return later to edit them.

Survey closing date is February 28, 2022

Questions? Please email:

We thank you in advance for participating. We really appreciate your time and input!

  • California GIS Council Education Workgroup

Imagery Capabilities for Government

Every month, the Esri State & Local Connect webinar series brings you 45 minutes of content you need to know, from the people who are dedicated to helping you succeed with GIS. This month the team is taking a deep dive into imagery capabilities for state and local government. 

The diversity and volume of imagery and remote sensing data are growing rapidly. Drone, aerial, and satellite imagery and other types of remotely sensed data are opening new frontiers in nearly every facet of government. In this webinar, we will showcase how the latest imagery capabilities can provide communities with greater insights into nearly every aspect of operations, from urban planning and natural resource management to event management and disaster response.

Click here for more info and to register. Past webinar recordings can be found there too.

Name Change to California GIS Council

There is a proposed revision to the Council’s Charter to change their name from the California GIS Council to the California GIS Community Forum, the Executive Committee to the Steering Committee, and other changes in the text to better align with how this group functions. See the changes here.

The revisions were drafted by the Charter Review and Strategic Plan Workgroup.