PCH Massive Landslide

For those of you that like to drive PCH, it might be a while if you want to go past Big Sur.  On Saturday night, a massive new landslide has buried PCH under 40 feet of rock and dirt in an area called Mud Creek.  Check out the video and article below.


1 thought on “PCH Massive Landslide

  1. With climate change and more sustained intervals of rain the slides will only continue, made worse by the highway engineers longstanding practice of removing trees and shrubs from the hillsides. An internal study in 1972 by the then Division of Highways revealed that highway cuts were less stable than fills as with the fills the engineers inadvertently brought in top soil and plant seeds that had been removed by the cuts. Their engineers still do not understand that trees do not stabilize by having roots to hold the soil but by having roots to suck hundreds of gallons of water out of the ground and transpire it into the air through their leaves. Water acts as a lubricant and unless there is an effective way to remove the water the ground will slide. All these landslides are man made by the foolish engineers in charge of road building.

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