A Request for Maps/Screen Shots

Every semester, I give my GIS students (generally planners and public administrators) a rundown of how GIS is being used in our communities. At the Esri conference this year, I saw many new applications and thought I’d ask my colleagues what they are doing now with GIS. If you could send me a map, picture, screen shot or something similar along with a sentence or two of what you are doing, I’d be delighted to have it. I will be happy to share when it is all compiled. You can reach me at barrywaite@outlook.com. The focus is on how we use GIS to solve problems.

By the way, for those of you who hadn’t heard, I have graduated from the City of Carson after 29 years. I’m thinking of becoming a cowboy or an astronaut, but I’ll keep teaching and want to stay in contact with all my GIS friends!

Many thanks!

Barry Waite
Instructor, USC Price School of Public Policy

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