ArcGIS Desktop Road Ahead

Here are a few notes I jotted down while at the Road Ahead workshop for ArcGIS Desktop.

10.5 at the end of the year

  • New named user activations (will also work with ArcMap)
  • New GP tools for ArcGIS Pro (also put into ArcMap)
  • Quality improvements
  • Support for latest Visual Studio (ArcObjects SDK)

ArcGIS Pro 1.3

  • Released next week
  • KML
  • Traverse (COGO)/GDB Topology
  • Locate features
  • Password protected Python toolboxes
  • Support versioning

ArcGIS Pro 1.4

  • Released at the end of the year
  • More ArcMap equivalencies
  • New capabilities
  • Vector tiles (display) and 3D web scenes

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