ArcGIS Server Road Ahead

Here are some of my notes from a Road Ahead session on ArcGIS Server today.

  • 10.5 will be a massive release
  • Builds on 10.4/10.4.1 quality and features
  • Distributed Web GIS pattern
  • Support big data analytics
  • DevOps friendly

As for distributed Web GIS:

  • Consider it a “portal of portals”
  • Sharing GIS content across Portals.  Think of it as many different departments in your organization that share Web GIS content between their own ArcGIS Portal installations.  Shared through groups
  • Also share with other outside Portals, like with your neighboring cities and county/state governments

As for GeoAnalytics Server:

  • Both spatial and temporal analytics
  • A new way of processing spatiotemporal data
  • New processing tools
  • You will be able to interact with tools in Pro (from Portal) or in Portal itself

As for Raster Analytics at 10.5:

  • For processing pixels and image processing
  • New way to execute spatial analysis models which leverages distributed computing
  • Can optimize your data for distributed analytics
  • Designed to scale with your organization’s demands (1 server to multiple processing servers)
  • Run models against data that is too big for a single desktop
  • Can use Pro, Portal UX, or developers using REST
  • End result is a new GIS layer, which means it is automatically published for you

As for ArcGIS Python API:

  • New API for your Web GIS, online or on-premises
  • Interactive browser based Python console for scripting online
  • You create a GIS object in Python, gis = GIS()
  • You then can access: gis.content, gis.datastore, gis.groups, gis.maps,,, gis.users, etc. (all the things you would normally do in the online or Portal interface)
  • Right now in beta:
  • You place the API package on your system

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