The One-Page GIS ROI Approach

Some of you might remember Wade Kloos when he was working at ESRI as an Account Manager for the LA and Orange County areas many years ago.  He is currently the Director of Enterprise Systems at Utah Department of Natural Resources and has recently done a presentation at the 2018 NWGIS User Conference about why ROI studies rarely get done and how you can use a One-Page GIS ROI solution yourself for free!

He states, “By doing this ROI investigation yourself, you will gain important insight of your organization’s operations – where and how they are not performing and the specific and measurable ways GIS solutions improve the way work gets done. Using this approach fundamentally changes the way you communicate the organizational value your GIS creates – not with anecdotes but with actual business metrics that are easy for leadership to understand and appreciate.”

This presentation is very informative.  Check it out!

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