California Friday: Amador County Wineries

I thought I would start a fun blog series called California Friday which focuses on underrated or unusual places to visit in California.  Sure, it’s not GIS related, but might make for interesting weekend trips or places to stop at while staring at your GPS as it recalculates your route!  We will see how this goes for a few months.  Let me know how you like it, or if you visited the place add a comment to tell us some insider stuff to do.

Our first stop is little Amador County, just southeast of Sacramento.  Here you can step back in time and visit wine country as it was with tiny, family owned wineries tasting vinos you would not find elsewhere.  Continue reading

The USGS Artistic Enterprise

At the close of the Second World War, the United States government embarked on an enormous artistic enterprise. It is estimated to have cost nearly $3 billion and, at its height, employed more than 2,000 people. I am talking about the topographic mapping program of the United States Geological Survey.

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Research Manager II (GIS) State Position

The State of California has a Research Manager II position that is open.  The position is permanent full time and pays up to $7,245 monthly.  It is located in Sacramento County.

NOTE: This recruitment may be used to fill multiple vacancies occurring in this location for this classification within the next 60 days.

Under the general direction of the Deputy Support Manager (Supervising Oil and Gas Engineer), the Research Manager II (General) will function as the Geographical Information Systems Unit Manager. The incumbents will be required to have an overall comprehension of management, research methodology, and statistical procedures in order to perform, manage, and direct research and statistical studies involving various types of digital spatial data and methodologies associated with geographic information systems.

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