Senior Crime Analyst Position – City of Anaheim

The Anaheim Police Department is seeking a highly motivated individual to join their department as a Senior Crime Analyst. In this role, you will perform responsible work assisting law enforcement staff in the analysis of suspected or documented criminal activity, act as a lead worker, and participate in complex research and analytical studies involving operations and programs.

The position is full time at the Anaheim Police Department.  Salary range is $61,526.00 – $74,776.00 Annually. Position closes 1/27/2014.  For more information and to apply, visit the City of Anaheim job page.

US Census Data Two DVD Set

Demographic data down to the block level on DVD … and it’s free!

Availability: Summary File 1 is available as a two DVD set. The DVDs contain the 2010 Census Data Engine retrieval software allowing users to manipulate, display, and download data from the file.


  • U.S. Summary. DVD containing all substate data in Summary File 1. Geography: states, metropolitan statistical areas, counties, county subdivisions, places (i.e. cities and census designated places), ZIP Code Tabulation Areas, congressional districts (111th Congress), American Indian and Alaska Native Areas, Hawaiian Home Lands, census tracts, census block groups, and census blocks.
  • National File. DVD containing data for larger geographic areas. Geography: United States, regions, divisions, states, counties, county subdivisions, places (i.e. cities and census designated places), metropolitan statistical areas, ZIP Code Tabulation Areas, congressional districts (111th Congress), American Indian and Alaska Native Areas, and Hawaiian Home Lands. Users needing totals for geographical areas that are in more than one state (e.g., American Indian reservations and metro areas) will find them easier to obtain from this file than from the U.S. Summary file (see above).

For more information and to order the free DVD set, visit this US Census page.

GIS Analyst Position – WRD

GIS Analyst – Full time employment – Water Replenishment District is looking for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst for its Lakewood, CA Office. See under Jobs and RFP Tab or for qualification requirements.


The Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) was formed in 1959 to manage the Central and West Coast groundwater basins.

WRD’s mission is to provide, protect and preserve high quality groundwater through innovative, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive basin management practices for the benefit of residents and businesses of the Central and West Coast Basins.

WRD provides groundwater for four million residents (10% of the State’s population) in 43 cities in a 420-square mile area of southern Los Angeles County. WRD protects the Central and West Coast Groundwater Basins through groundwater replenishment, deterrence of seawater intrusion and groundwater contamination prevention and clean-up programs.

WRD is governed by a five-member elected Board. It has 33 employees and an annual operating budget of $65 million.


The Water Replenishment District is looking for a motivated self-starter with strong interpersonal and communication skills, who, under general direction, performs a variety of simple to complex professional duties in developing, analyzing, implementing and maintaining the District’s geographic information system; and performs related duties as assigned.

GIS Analyst is responsible for performing a variety of professional and technical duties in the identification, gathering, development, and integration of data, graphics, maps and photographs for inclusion in the District’s ESRI based GIS system. An incumbent is also responsible for maintaining the District’s GIS applications, tools and utilities to support District and departmental planning and decision-making needs, operational productivity goals, and customer service requirements. GIS Analyst is required to have professional sufficiency in ESRI’s ArcGIS 10.2, including ArcGIS Desktop and preferably Spatial and 3D Analyst. Additional desired skills include experience in groundwater resources management, database management, and groundwater modeling.

The salary range is $68,402 to $91,490 and includes annual leave, educational reimbursement, 12 holidays per year, life insurance up to $150K, and health benefits. Position closes 1/31/2014.

For more information on the GIS Analyst position and to apply, visit

Renaming a Published ArcGIS Server Map Service

In my organization we use ArcGIS Server to serve up map services for our GIS users and other business applications. This year we are looking at re-organizing some of our map services. One of the tasks we have is to rename some of them. Have you ever tried to do that? I thought I would just use ArcCatalog to stop the map service, right click on the name, select rename and change it … but no, you cannot do that. So I tried using ArcGIS Server Manager, but nothing. Do I really have to delete it and recreate it again with the new name?

I did find this suggestion in one of the ESRI forums, but it is not for the faint of heart:

It is possible to change the name of a map service by renaming the config file (cfg) and changing the references inside the cfg file to match the new name. The cache folder will also need to be renamed to match the map service name. You will also need to restart your SOM Service and it’s probably a good idea to remove the existing map service from any existing web applications. A better way to handle this would be to rename the cache folder and publish a new map service to match the renamed cache folder. This will ensure that the map service is created correctly by ArcGIS Server.

What?  I just want to rename the map service! Well, have no fear, the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory is here! I’m using ArcGIS Server 10.1, so to get to it I entered the following in a web browser:



You are presented with a message about using ArcGIS Server Manager instead for managing services and how the Administrator Directory is intended for advanced programmatic access to the server. Ignore all of that and login using your ArcGIS Server admin user name and password. Once logged in, you are presented with a list of Resources and Operations.


Click on the services Resource. You are then presented with the root folder of your map services directory. Click through until you see the map service you want to change. For this exercise I created a map service named “test_image” that I will rename.


At the bottom of the listing in Supported Operations, click on renameService.


Enter your map service name, service type, and new service name.


Note since this is a map service, the Service Type is MapServer.  My new map service name will be “test_image2”. Click on the Rename button and wait a little. Once done, you will see the new listing with the name changed.


That’s all there is to it. Do keep in mind if you change the name and your GIS users connected to the old name, they will need to re-add the service to their map or applications.

While you’re still in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory, click on the API Reference link in the upper right of the page. You can take a look at the renameService reference by scrolling down to Cluster > Rename Service


That is all for now. I hope this makes renaming map services a little less painful for you.  If you know of a better way, please post a comment to share.


Field Technician Position

Utility Data Contractors, Inc. (UDC), a provider of Field Data Services, is seeking qualified applicants to perform field data collection.

• A minimum of a year of ESRI, ArcGIS Desktop is preferred
• Must have great attention to detail and have the ability to work outdoors and independently
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (including MS Access)
• Understanding of GIS
• Ability to follow specification documents and understand scope of the project
• Effective oral and written communication skills
• Analytical and problem solving skills
• Electric Utility knowledge a plus
• Ability to travel throughout the greater LA/Southern California area a must

This position involves taking a hand held computer and a laser measuring device to the field to read and record angles and heights of electric facility on poles. Applicants must have the ability to work outdoors in a self managed environment, ability to use field computer, dependable vehicle with good driving record and safety conscience. Proficient computer skills are required and some familiarity with electric utility outside plant assets would be helpful. Travel throughout the greater Los Angeles area is required.

This position is full time (40 hours a week). Criminal and motor vehicle background checks will be completed for each applicant. Qualified candidates should send their resume to with the subject title of Field Technician. Selected candidates must be available to start late January or mid February, 2014. Training will take place in Agoura Hills, CA. Relocation is not available for this position.