The First Weather Map

Sir Francis Galton was the first to identify the anticyclone (as opposed to the cyclone), and introduced the use of charts showing areas of similar air pressure – the modern weather map.  His book Meteorographica was the first systematic attempt to gather, chart and interpret weather data on a continental scale, a fundamental work of modern scientific meteorology.

Galton prepared the first weather map published in the British newspaper The Times (April 1 1875, showing the weather from the previous day, March 31), now a standard feature in newspapers worldwide.  Click below to read more about Sir Francis Galton.


Beyond The Sea Interactive Map

Standing out on the shoreline, have you ever wondered if you set sail straight ahead across the sea what other beach would you run into?  Check out the Beyond The Sea interactive map.  You can move your mouse along a shoreline or click on a country to visualize all the locations which lie directly across the sea.  Location names will be displayed once the track hits land.  Colors of the lines represent the different destination continents.  Try the Start Fireworks button too for an impressive display!



ArcGIS Online User Type Changes Tomorrow

Starting the night of December 5th, ESRI will be changing the user types in ArcGIS Online.  Right now there is a Level 1 and Level 2 user, where Level 1 was a viewer only and Level 2 could publish and edit data.  After the change there will be 5 user types: Viewer (formally Level 1), Editor, Field Worker, Creator (formally Level 2), and GIS Professional.

The new user types include a mix of capabilities and included applications.  For example, the Field Worker user type includes the ability to edit existing datasets through field apps like Survey123, Workforce, and Collector.  The different functions of each user type can be found here.  Read the ESRI blog about the new user types here.

ESRI states your current user settings will not change … I would check that after December 5th!  Role settings will not change.

Survey and Mapping With Drones December 14

Warren Roberts at Rio Hondo College has a Survey and Mapping With Drones session on December 14 that all are invited to attend at 10am.  It is free.  The location is at a field station in Claremont.  If you are interested, you need to register at .

Any questions should go to Warren Roberts at .