GIS Positions in Santa Ana

Michael Baker International has multiple openings in their Santa Ana office for Senior, Mid, and Entry level GIS positions:

GIS Analyst (GIS Specialist I)

GIS Senior Project Manager (Technical Consultant II)

GIS Technician

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

Wondering how the boundary of Los Angeles County looked like in 1851?  Here you go:


Here it is in 1887, just before Orange County was created the year after:


The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries allows you to explore how county boundaries have shifted throughout history.  You can also download GIS shapefiles of polygons for each different configuration of a state’s counties or the entire United States, coded by date.  Check it out!


CGS Seismic Hazards Program Update

The California Geologic Survey (CGS) Seismic Hazards Program has significantly updated two versions of its regulatory hazard zone map products. First, all GIS data files (in ESRI Shapefile format) for fault rupture, liquefaction and earthquake-induced landslide zones have been re-projected to California (Teale) Albers, in meters, with a North American Datum 1983. In addition, all GIS zone polygons now include attributes that provide the name of the 7.5-minute quadrangle, map release date(s), and links to zone reports and PDF maps. Active fault traces within earthquake fault zones have attributes for fault name and fault type. Continue reading

Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance

The Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA) data facility aims to, “support, sustain, and advance the geosciences by providing data services for observational geoscience data from the ocean, earth, and polar sciences.” The IEDA, which is funded by the US National Science Foundation, is headed by staff at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. On this website, you will find a number of data repositories and data syntheses, which are collections of data sets with a shared area of investigation. Data repositories include information in the fields of Antarctic science, marine geology and geophysics, and geochronology. You can also download the free GeoMapApp, which is a free software tool for creating data visualization. Check it out!