Art Meets Maps

“Art Meets Maps” is an exhibition of pictographic maps at the Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla, in La Jolla, San Diego.  Pictographic maps are maps that mix cartography, art, and illustration.  The exhibition includes nine pieces made by British artist and illustrator MacDonald Gill.  Gill created the oldest map in the exhibit, a colorful chart of London that was the city’s first attempt at a way-finder for its metro system in 1918.  The exhibition also includes pictographic maps by other artists/cartographers as well as a permanent display of five maps created by Jo Mora, a California illustrator.

Admission is free at the Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla, however they are only open 11am to 4pm Wednesdays and Thursdays, and first and third Saturdays.  The exhibit will be on through May 20, 2017.


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