The National Geologic Map Database

The US Geological Survey (USGS) and the Association of American State Geologists (AASG) have worked together to build the National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB).  The NGMDB is mandated to be a standardized, “national archive” of geoscience information (maps and reports, both published and unpublished), made available to the public to support decision-making, research, and other needs. Its website opened in 1996, and it currently serves about 60,000 users each month, who make about 220,000 visits.

The principal sections of the NGMDB are:

  1. The Geoscience Map Catalog – Contains citations and Web links to >100,000 maps, stratigraphic charts, and reports by >630 publishers, many containing GIS data and map images.
  2. The US Geologic Names Lexicon (Geolex) – The standard reference for the Nation’s stratigraphic nomenclature.
  3. Standards – Cartographic, database design, science terminology, and data-exchange standards whose development was led by, or assisted by, the NGMDB project.
  4. Interactive map viewers – Two new features were added to the site: (a) “mapView”, which provides a mosaicked view of geologic maps as a new front-end to the NGMDB’s Map Catalog, and (b) topoView, which enables users to quickly search and browse the USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection.

Check the site out and give it a spin!


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