2015 ESRI User Conference Plenary

For those of you that arrived in San Diego on Sunday, you were greeted by a downpour of rain that lasted into the night. However, that all cleared up today for the 36th Annual ESRI User Conference.


During this morning’s Plenary Session, Jack emphasized the “Geography Everywhere” theme and touched on the usual things like web GIS and sharing data. Really there were few surprises. However, they did have a cute little skit about all their apps, posing like individuals in a dating service to get your attention to use them. It was a different way of showing you all the choices you have when it came to apps.  You can even vote for your favorite app here.

Here are a few new announcements that might be of interest:

  1. Vector tiles, finally!
  2. New Workforce/Dispatcher, Workforce/Mobile, and Navigator apps that will work with Collector
  3. New AppStudio for ArcGIS that will help you build your own native apps in Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux
  4. ArcGIS Earth, full KML file support
  5. New drone app
  6. Statistical and scientific packages like R and SciPy will be able to run directly as geoprocessing tools/scripts in ArcGIS
  7. ArcGIS for home use licensing will now extend to the entire ArcGIS product, not just Desktop
  8. Expect ArcGIS 10.4 and Pro 1.2 in Winter 2016

I would suspect that ESRI will have the Plenary Session video online sometime today. I will update this post when it becomes available for you to watch at home! -mike

4:25pm update:  Click here for today’s videos.

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