New California NAIP 2014 DOQQ

The NAIP 2014 DOQQ TIFF-format 4-band images for California were recently added to the old Cal Atlas download site.   The images, index files, and metadata are available from the following link:

Other NAIP distributions for recent years are also there.  Please note the TIFF images are in UTM coordinates.

Many of the source NAIP collections at the link above are what’s used for CDFW’s hosted NAIP services described here:

And those NAIP services are also viewable as basemaps in CDFW’s BIOS viewer here:


2 thoughts on “New California NAIP 2014 DOQQ

  1. Hey Mike,

    I just downloaded the los angeles county one, took close to an hour, and brought it in to arcmap and it’s not bad at all, if I’m reading the raster information correctly, it’s 1 foot vs our LARIAC 4”?


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