Free Leaflet Tips and Tricks Book

Looking to get into web maps and Leaflet?  Check out this free book titled “Leaflet Tips and Tricks: Interactive Maps with leaflet.js”.

The book will help you learn how to create maps with the Leaflet JavaScript library through a series of step-by-step recipes to achieve great dynamic and interactive web maps. You will also learn how to add dynamic responsive features to your maps through the use of tiles, WMS, GeoJSON, custom markers with popups, interactive vector objects, and standard controls, as well as custom ones. Furthermore, preparing to deploy on mobile and using the location of the device will be explained in detail.

Everything you need to know about Leaflet to create great maps, from a basic web map to a colorful, animated, interactive, choropleth map, will be explained in this book.  Check it out!  And give the author some $$$ too if you like it.


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