Animated Map of UFO Sightings

Check out this map of UFO sightings! The dataset the map uses contains over 80,000 records of UFO sightings over the past century (between 1910 and 2014), and the data displayed lapses from year to year. You can control which year’s data is displayed using the Time Widget at the bottom of the map. Check it out!

1 thought on “Animated Map of UFO Sightings

  1. Me and my family had seen a ufo move and push a cloud while beaming a light in pushing and pulling cloud and moving so fast from being still with no sound , never in my life have I seen such a 🤯 event , and I have seen lots of things but never have I seen the speed and the way it was pushing and pulling the cloud mind you it was at night time a few days after spy balloons over downtown sarasota

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