Next ArcGIS Online Update Dec 8

Received an email from ESRI a few days ago about them updating ArcGIS Online on December 8, from 5 pm-midnight PST. This update will include new features and enhancements that improve security policies and administrative capabilities, including HTTPS enforcement, end of support for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy, managing the organization’s access to apps, adding a new Asia-Pacific region for new organization subscriptions, and new charts for monitoring Data Store usage.

More details below:

HTTPS Enforcement
ArcGIS Online will enforce the use of HTTPS on the night of the update. This change has been communicated over the past year, and the December update will enforce the policy across all of ArcGIS Online. The enforcement of HTTPS ensures that all data is encrypted, confidentiality is improved, and sensitive data is secure. For more information about how to prepare for this change and potential impacts, please read the following article.
End of ESRI Support for Internet Explorer 11
In accordance with Microsoft’s official retirement of Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy, both Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy have been deprecated with ArcGIS Online. With the December update of ArcGIS Online, customers will no longer be able to receive support with issues related to Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge Legacy. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge in order to avoid any performance issues.

Starting with the December 2020 update, any users that use IE11 or Edge Legacy to view ArcGIS Online applications or the website will receive an information message indicating the usage of an unsupported browser.
Manage Organization Access to Included Apps
To enable organizations to comply with policies such as FedRAMP, and to have more control over which apps their organization members can use, administrators will have the ability to block access to included ESRI applications. Administrators can choose to block apps that are included with all user types and cannot be controlled through licenses, settings, or privileges.
New Asia-Pacific Region for Hosted Data
An Asia-Pacific region will be introduced as an option for any new ArcGIS Online subscriptions. This region will provide a new location for hosting data in addition to the existing US and European regions. Please read this article for the details of how data hosting works with our regions.
New Usage Chart for Feature Data Store
A new chart, available to administrators through the Organization tab, will provide more insight into the feature data store that powers hosted feature layers. All administrators will be able to quickly view the current usage of the organization’s allotted storage. For organizations that have purchased a Premium Feature Data Store subscription, a new chart will be available that displays the utilization of the resources over-time.

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