ArcGIS Notebooks Webinar

Need to automate data prep and aggregation? ArcGIS Notebooks might be your ticket! Sign up for a 60-minute webinar by ESRI’s spatial data science experts as they walk through how you can leverage the latest updates to ArcGIS Notebooks along with popular open source frameworks to automate, data prep and aggregate for a variety of workflows. The webinar is on September 30, 2020 at 9am PDT. Click here to register.

This webinar is an intermediate level session and serves as a follow up session to the previous recorded webinar, “How to use ArcGIS and Jupyter for Geospatial Data Science.” Watch the recording to learn about the fundamentals of ArcGIS Notebooks, data engineering concepts and more, prior to this session.

2 thoughts on “ArcGIS Notebooks Webinar

  1. The link above for “How to use ArcGIS and Jupyter for Geospatial Data Science” has an error. It takes you to another webinar (#9939 – Keep your projects moving…ArcGIS Hub). It needs to go to webinar #9311.

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