2020 ESRI UC All Done

Well, the 2020 ESRI UC has come and gone … actually there are a few more online events and special interest group meetings today.  My impression of this online conference?  Let’s just say parts were informative.  However, I bet it was a monumental task to pull it all together.

The plenary and workshop videos are still online when you login to esri.com/uc .  Not sure how long they will stay up.  I did notice they have some recorded content on YouTube here and also on the ESRI video site here.

Add a comment below about your impressions of the conference.  Let’s hope we are back in San Diego next year!

2 thoughts on “2020 ESRI UC All Done

  1. I’ll give them big credit for making the best of a bad situation. The sessions were good, and it was nice that far more people internationally could attend. It was also nice to hop between sessions without a long walk. On the other hand, I had a struggle navigating the site and even entering sessions many times. That is all understandable. Missing out on actually talking with people was the real problem. Even though the cost of going to San Diego is entirely out of my own pocket, it’s worth it.

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