2017 ESRI User Conference Plenary


Monday was the opening day to the 2017 ESRI User Conference in San Diego.  The Plenary session was full of info as usual.  It was all about Web GIS, Exploratory Data Analysis (Insights for ArcGIS), ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Server.  Some highlights from my notes:

  • Vector tiles can be in your own projection
  • Publish your models as a service
  • Use Enterprise Builder to quickly set parameters and will install/configure Web Adaptor, Portal, Server, and Data Store all at once
  • ArcGIS Pro supports annotation, grids and graticules in layouts, auto georeferencing tool for images, the Catalog is back, supports WFS, onscreen navigator for 3D navigation, dark themed version to use Pro in low light conditions, also can have multiple Pro windows open at the same time
  • ArcGIS Online has a feature where you add online imagery as a layer to your map and then when you click on it you get resolution/collection data info in the popup, also a better geocoder and you can right click to get “what’s here” info
  • Scene Viewer supports vector tiles, projected coordinate systems, 3D smart mapping, new sets of photo realistic 3D symbols, callouts, labels, declutter options, ability to view massive point clouds quickly, photo realistic scenes

I’m sure the whole Plenary session from today will be viewable soon on ESRI’s video webite.

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