Maps Looking For A Home

San Diego map collector, William Speidel, would like to donate his map collection of about 1,000 maps to a library, geography or geology department in the United States.  The collection is current with maps dating from the 1960s to the 2000s.  While the collection would be a donation, the accepting library would need to pay for the mailing of materials.  Included in the donation are the following types of maps: * Nautical charts (Alaska, Australia, China, Japan, US Gulf of Mexico, US Pacific, US Atlantic, Thailand, Vietnam, Western Mediterranean); * Bathymetric charts (Australia, US Atlantic, California, China, Gulf of California, Thailand); * USGS topographic maps (1:24k, 1:62.5K) (California, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, etc.); * Other maps including miscellaneous geologic maps, Gebco Charts, soil charts, sediment distribution.  Excel spreadsheets are available detailing the full collection.

Mr. Speidel is interested in the whole collection going to one library rather than breaking it up into pieces.  If you are interested, please contact Julie Sweetkind-Singer ( and she will pass along his contact information and the spreadsheets to you directly.

2 thoughts on “Maps Looking For A Home

  1. Hi Mike – I put out feelers to our library director to see if we can offer a home for the maps. I’d even be willing to drive them from San Diego to Fullerton. I’ll let you know if the idea pans out. ☺

    GIS Specialist | Community Development Department
    City of Fullerton | 303 W. Commonwealth Ave. | Fullerton CA 92832
    714.738.6561 voice | 714.738.3110 fax |

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