USGS Crowd-Sourced Structures Data Webinar

This is a reminder that U.S. Geological Survey is hosting a webinar next week on our Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) program. VGI provides an editing environment that allows interested persons to add, delete, and modify certain structures in the USGS structures database. The online VGI editor is based on the popular Open Street Map interface and anyone who is interested can sign up for an account to help us update structures and improve the quality of our data for future release to the public.

Structure types available for editing include schools, colleges/universities, fire/EMS stations, police stations, correctional facilities, state capitol buildings, hospitals, ambulance services, cemeteries, and post offices.

The USGS Pacific Region National Map liaisons will host the webinar to introduce the VGI program to anyone who is interested in possibly contributing their knowledge of structures to our mapping program. Data contributed through VGI will be vetted by USGS and will reside in the USGS structures dataset. The structures data are available to the public and also appear on USGS products such as new US Topo maps (

To read the latest on VGI please see our newsletter here:

We are offering this one hour webinar next a week on Thursday, March 31 at 1:00 PM PDT (1:00 PM MST, 10:00 AM HST). To attend this meeting, you must first register for it. Please click this link to see more information, and register for the meeting.

Once you have registered for the meeting, you will receive an email message confirming your registration. This message will provide the information that you need to join the webinar.

The webinar will be recorded and we can also host a repeat webinar in a couple weeks for anyone unable to make this call (Cesar Chavez Day for state employees). Thank you and please contact us with any questions,

Carol Ostergren
Drew Decker
Drew Decker
National Map Liaison for Pacific Region
U.S. Geological Survey
4165 Spruance Road
San Diego, CA 92101
619-417-2879 cell
USNG 11S MS 8026 2158

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