2015 ESRI User Conference Workshop Takeaways

After attending a few workshops on ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Sever today, here are a few things that I noted and thought you all might find interesting.  If you work on the bleeding edge, you probably already know!

ArcGIS Pro

  1. Uses Python 3.4, full Python is not included, however SciPy and Pandas libraries are included.
  2. Because ArcGIS Pro uses Python 3.4, some of your Python scripts that you created for ArcGIS Desktop, which uses Python 2.7, might not work.  There is a script checker in Pro that will tell you if any lines of code will fail.  For example, printing a variable using the line “print x” must be “print(x)” in Python 3.4.
  3. At version 1.2, Pro will have concurrent use licenses.

ArcGIS Server

  1. Version 10.3 now has service usage statistics, which includes total requests, average response times, and timeouts.  You can create reports at the service, folder, and site level.
  2. You can preserve layer IDs so they don’t change when you republish a map service that has new layers in it.  There is an option in the Layer properties in ArcMap to turn this feature on.  You can also change the layer ID for your different layers before you publish to a map service.
  3. Server has expanded Linux support.  Now works with redhat, SUSE, CentOS, Scientific Linux, and Oracle Linux.

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