Addressing The World With Three Words

Found this interesting startup which claims to have invented the “simplest way to communicate a location”.  The startup, what3words, divides the world up into 57 trillion 3×3 meter squares and then assigns each with three words that makes them unique.  With that, you now have a unique address for any location on the globe … even in the middle of nowhere!


From a human standpoint this makes sense.  We can remember three words for an address fairly easily, especially in a remote location that may not have an established address system.  However, gridding the world is not new.  We have many world grid systems, like MGRS that goes down to 1 meter squares.

Will what3words catch on?  Who knows.  Maybe if Amazon starts using it for deliveries by drone!  Start telling your friends to meet you at “humans.flash.crab” after work!

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