Rent or Own in SoCal?

Looking to buy a home?  Or should you just rent?  Here is a neat little map app from LA Times showing where you can afford to live.  You enter your household income, percent of income you want to dedicate to housing, a down payment you can afford to place on a house if you were buying, and the length of mortgage in years.  Once calculated, a nice map is displayed showing how much you are willing to spend on housing and the areas that are cheaper to own, cheaper to rent, or difficult to afford.  Areas are divided by zip codes.  Hover over an area to get median home prices, monthly home costs, and median rent.


2 thoughts on “Rent or Own in SoCal?

  1. Or, to break it down more succinctly, you can afford the IE, you may be able to afford the LA basin… but the coast? No way.

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