ArcGIS Pro … Very Soon!

After attending the ESRI Conference last week, here is the latest release schedule for ArcGIS Pro:

  • August 2014 – Beta 5 (you can still participate here)
  • September 2014 – 10.3 Pre Release
  • November 2014 – Released as part of 10.3

You can take a look at my last post about ArcGIS Pro.  And here are some extra tidbits of information I picked up at some of the Pro workshops:

  • You will get Pro if you have Desktop
  • Web based install or network install
  • Improved help system, can install local or on server, or not at all
  • Editing is on all the time, no start/stop editing
  • As you work with a layer, the ribbon interface changes for just that layer
  • Bookmarks honor time & space
  • You can export to Excel
  • You can reorder attribute fields
  • True transparency and anti-aliasing when exporting to PDF, smaller file sizes
  • Analysis about 20% faster in Pro
  • Tightly integrated with ArcGIS Online and Server on premise
  • Can use ArcGIS Online as content storage for Pro
  • License levels based on your Desktop license level (Basic, Standard, Advanced)
  • Licenses managed via ArcGIS Online or Portal
  • You grant access to Pro to named users
  • You control product level and extensions for each named user
  • Will show which users are using Pro and how much
  • All popular extensions available in Pro
  • Note: 3D Analyst extension not needed to view 3D data, only for 3D data analysis
  • Python scripts run in Pro with minor changes (no map docs, project files instead)
  • Uses Python 3.4, 64bit
  • You can customize the UI for users
  • You can extend Pro with .NET API, beta this fall and released 2015 Dev Summit
  • Note: No data driven pages in first release of Pro, python script will be provided
  • Note: Cannot create geoprocessing services in the first release of Pro

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