ESRI’s Change to World Topographic Map sub layers

ESRI’s ArcGIS Online team made a change to the World Topographic Map on February 3, 2014.  This will affect you if you reference the sub layers.  Check out their blog post for more info.

If you use Geocortex Essentials, this may affect you as well.  If you use the topo base map, you might see warnings from the Essentials REST manager.  To fix it, do the following:

  1. Log into REST manager on each Essentials server
  2. For each site, click on the “edit” button
  3. You should immediately see two warnings similar to what is shown below
  4. Simply click “OK” to both prompts and then click “Save Site”
  5. Repeat for every site and you are done


Thanks goes to Doug Yates at NorthSouth GIS for the fix.

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