USGS now looking for limited crowd-sourced data in CA and NV

Hello everyone:

USGS is now collecting limited crowd-sourced information that can be provided as both GIS data and included in future topographic maps.  USGS began collecting VGI – volunteered geographic information – for structures for a number of states several months ago.  The agency recently expanded this pilot effort to cover another 16 states, including California and Nevada.

The USGS news release can be seen here:

USGS is interested in your input on locations for certain public buildings, as mentioned in the news release.  This would be a good exercise to look at from a county or local perspective.  There might also be situations in CA where organizing a multi-county effort (e.g. through a Council of Governments or a GIS collaborative) would be beneficial.

We would be very interested in hearing what you think about this and any plans you may have to contribute data.  We can help with any questions you may have and can set up a conference call or discussion anytime on the subject.

Carol Ostergren
Drew Decker

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