Webinar – Demographics and Living Atlas

The webinar is today, 8-9am PDT. Click here to register.

ESRI Demographics offers the tools to dig-deep and uncover answers to questions ranging from ‘How many people live in a community?’ to ‘How are incomes in a network of commercial businesses changing over time?’. For GIS users who want to take their analysis a step further, ESRI offers ArcGIS Living Atlas (“Living Atlas”) for an enriched demographic data experience. Living Atlas connects users with demographic data layers, apps related to populations impacted by natural disasters or current events, and a selection of models and features to solve the world’s most-critical problems.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar by experts from ESRI Demographics and Living Atlas. You will learn about some of the exciting features available through Living Atlas specifically designed for users looking to upskill with demographic data by ESRI.

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