ESRI Small Government ELA Changes

Just received an email from ESRI about changes to their Small Government Program (or what I call the Small Government Enterprise License Agreement).  They state they have added value with the addition of the following products: 

  • ArcGIS Monitor – ArcGIS Monitor is uniquely tailored to collect, analyze, and optimize the health of your enterprise GIS implementations throughout their life cycle. ArcGIS Monitor proactively finds issues and provides actionable insights into system usage and performance, helping you get the most from your investment in GIS and IT infrastructure.
  • Tracker for ArcGIS – Know the real-time location of your most valued assets: your mobile workers. Using Tracker for ArcGIS, an app that effortlessly captures location track data and feeds it back into ArcGIS, you achieve control and agility to effectively allocate personnel to field needs, even in rapidly changing circumstances.
  • ArcGIS Utility Network user type extension – Utility Network, powered by ArcGIS Enterprise, is the next-generation utility data model to help your organization better manage network assets, respond more quickly to operational disruptions, and deliver excellent customer service.
  • ArcGIS Parcel Fabric user type extension – Parcel Fabric is a framework for managing, editing, and sharing parcel fabric data in ArcGIS Enterprise. Parcel Fabric is designed to manage the authoritative system of record for an organization’s land records, including ownership, rights, restrictions, and responsibilities. The parcel fabric work across the entire ArcGIS platform and can be edited in ArcGIS Pro.

ESRI states the products will be added to your existing, active Small Government Program agreement by April 1, 2020. The quantities of each product added will vary, depending on your program level.

And then the fine print:

Due to the added value that has been implemented to the program over the years, there will be a nominal increase to the annual fee. The 10 percent increase will take effect upon the renewal of your agreement. The increased fee will not affect any agreements within their active terms.


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