GIS and the 2020 Census

gisandcensus_lgESRI has released their new book GIS and the 2020 Census.  The book provides statistical organizations with the most recent methodologies and technological tools to support all stages of the census.  The book covers planning, enumeration and field data collection, and post-enumeration tasks: converting existing data, field operations, data processing and dissemination, developing geographic products, and much more. Case studies from Albania, Portugal, Republic of the Philippines, Jordan, Arab Republic of Egypt, Ireland, and Canada demonstrate the successful application of the tools.  Ancillary materials are available online and include the updated census data model Global Statistical Geospatial Framework, the United Nations (UN) Handbook on the Management of Population and Housing Censuses, and much more.

GIS and the 2020 Census has 264 pages and is available in soft-cover and as an e-book.  Sample text can be found here.

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