ArcGIS Online User Type Changes Tomorrow

Starting the night of December 5th, ESRI will be changing the user types in ArcGIS Online.  Right now there is a Level 1 and Level 2 user, where Level 1 was a viewer only and Level 2 could publish and edit data.  After the change there will be 5 user types: Viewer (formally Level 1), Editor, Field Worker, Creator (formally Level 2), and GIS Professional.

The new user types include a mix of capabilities and included applications.  For example, the Field Worker user type includes the ability to edit existing datasets through field apps like Survey123, Workforce, and Collector.  The different functions of each user type can be found here.  Read the ESRI blog about the new user types here.

ESRI states your current user settings will not change … I would check that after December 5th!  Role settings will not change.

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