Concurrent Use Licensing is Back!

Did you miss it?  Probably not.

Some of you might have known about this last year.  I never reported on it since the story kept changing throughout 2017.  However, if you missed the controversy, ESRI was going to phase out the ability to use Concurrent Use licensing starting with ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.  Only those with current software maintenance would be allowed to continue the use of concurrent use licensing.  Those not current could get up to three single use licenses for every one concurrent use license.  New customers could only have the choice of single use or named user licenses.  I think this was ESRI’s way of getting you to buy into their ArcGIS Online/Portal way of licensing desktop software.  Here is the blog post from the beginning of last year about it (which has been updated with good news at the top) and many comments on GeoNet too.

Then in late December, ESRI released an email (which I don’t remember receiving) stating they will be extending the availability of concurrent use licensing for ArcGIS Desktop to all customers, new and existing.  My guess they got an earful from the ArcGIS community!  Note that each ArcGIS Desktop license includes a named user license you can use to access ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise (aka Portal).  Also note that starting this year, all ArcGIS Enterprise Standard and Advanced customers can add Viewers (level 1 named users) at no additional cost.

So crisis averted for now … or has it only been delayed?  Time will tell.

One thought on “Concurrent Use Licensing is Back!

  1. I don’t recall getting the email either. Or perhaps the subject line didn’t catch my attention. Could have come in during our winter closure period as well. Our email servers sometimes do a lot of extra spam catching then and I miss things. I guess it is a good thing ESRI still listens to customers!! Thanks for sharing this, Mike.

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