Tax Fun Facts!

Ah yes, taxes are due today!  And here are a few interesting sites you might want to visit.

Why are taxes due today, April 18th?

Basically because the 15th fell on a Saturday and Monday was Emancipation Day in Washington DC.  Read more about it here.

Tax Freedom Day

Tax Freedom Day is a significant date for taxpayers because it represents how long Americans as a whole have to work in order to pay the nation’s tax burden.  Basically you are working for the government!  For 2017, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 23rd, 113 days into the year.  Click below for more info.


State Income Tax Rates

How high are individual income tax rates in your state?  For California it is 13.3% if you make over $1,000,000.  We are #1!  Maybe it’s time to move to Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Texas, or Florida?  Click below for the report.


Tax Facts Infographic

No one likes Tax Day, except for accountants and Uncle Sam.  Check out this infographic about Tax Day fun facts!


2016 Tax Forms

And if you are still looking for 2016 tax forms, visit the IRS page or California page … and good luck!

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